Help in the field
for Lebanese families in distress.

Our project & hope for Lebanon

Operation Hope : Close to families

Many Lebanese families are in great moral and material distress.

These families were already hard hit by the crisis in Lebanon (45% of the population below the poverty line, 22% in absolute poverty). The Beirut disaster reinforces the need for immediate concrete aid: 300,000 people have lost their homes.

We cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of these families, and we are convinced that together, we can bring them help on the ground, by relying on the actors already there.

Operation Hope makes this conviction a reality: We are mobilizing to help families in distress:

  • Through donations
  • Support for renovation & reconstruction
  • Moral support for heartbroken families

This immediate intervention as close as possible to Lebanese families is provided by our association DLR Lebanon, operating in Beirut since 2010.

And it is everyone’s participation, through donations and relaying this initiative, that will transform our conviction into concrete help for families in Beirut.

How to donate

With ease on the PayPal kitty

Totally secure and free of charge, this online kitty is the easiest solution to donate to the DLR Lebanon association.

100% of the amount collected will be transmitted directly to the most disadvantaged families by the DLR Lebanon association.

By bank transfer to the DLR Lebanon association

You can also opt for a bank transfer directly to the account of the DRL Lebanon association (international found transfer).

IBAN: LB11 0039 0000 0003 5534 2421 4001
Currency : USD

Give your time: Remote private tutoring

Concretely help a young Lebanese by participating in private tutoring from remote

Here is another way to give, and to be close to Lebanese families in distress: Give your time to support a young Lebanese, punctually or over time, in his schooling, which is particularly difficult at the moment.

There is no other quality required than availability and patience to be able to help them concretely!

To participate, fill in the attached form: We organize the connection with a young person who needs you.

Our help to the most disadvantaged

Financial & material assistance
to the most deprived families

Renovation and construction

Moral support and accompaniment
for broken families

News from Operation Hope

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DLR Lebanon organization

Dialogue for Life & Reconciliation

Operational since 2008, registered in 2010, and officially launched in March 2011, the Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation OrganizationDLR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with a core mandate on interfaith dialogue and building bridges between different communities. DLR is an independent and apolitical organization,  where its mission, values and activities reflect its impartiality.

Since its establishment, DLR has taken the initiative to find common grounds based on reconciliation and inter-religious dialogue. It aims at building bridges  to connect and co-optall factions of the society to the wider population. DLR community believes in the dignity of being different and the need to promote it.

What we do

DLR serves as a catalyst, aiming at constructing bridges and embracing the diversity through the perfect combination of theory and practice designed to target the younger generation.

DLR tries to achieve its mission statement through various activities, especially the Interreligious Academy and its monthly follow up programs. Our main objective is to reduce ignorance and the “fear of the other”. We are working on creating a space for knowing “the other”, where the different cultural groups familiarize.

Consequently, this process will create a cohesive interacting society, of a snowball effect, allowing the true practice of civic engagement, not only for youth but for women as well, in order to promote a better quality of life.

Historical Background

Dr. Ziad Fahed, who holds a PHD in Theology has been teaching courses in religion, especially on the three monotheistic religions since 2001 at Notre Dame University Louaize – NDU  and being the Dean of Student at NDU,, he was confronted with various issues related to young students, especially in the classrooms, he was awakened to the need for initiatives to build bridges across the different religious communities in Lebanon.. This awareness does not neglect the fact that the political instability and tenuous situation were inhibiting interreligious dialogue. This close interaction developed a better understanding of the students’ needs, identifying gaps in the knowledge of “the other”.

In 2006, Dr. Fahed participated in a Fulbright program on religious pluralism in the United States. As result, a network has been established to start preparing for the launching of the new association “Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation”. Back at NDU, a series of counseling meetings took place with local NGOs working in the field of religious diversity over the course of one year. Among the studies, a survey was conducted on religious conversion on Lebanon. Based on the above, a coherent yet very diverse group of motivated people came together tforming the pillars of the Organization to be launched. In parallel, Dr. Fahed prepared and hosted a TV program to present Christian faith in relation to both faith morals through daily life and their impacts on the Lebanese religious pluralism.

In 2008, the first workshop and preparatory meetings with members were held. In addition, ten competent students were sent to training sessions organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education on conflict transformation and reconciliation. In September 2008, Dr. Fahed again participated in a Fulbright program to build on his efforts and launch the Interreligious Academy in Lebanon. Members of the Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation founding committee got together to write the status, administer the mission statement, and put down a media strategy through a series of TV and Radio interviews.

Since 2009, activist young Lebanese join a yearly intensive training program on Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University- Philadelpia.  This group built the pillars of DLR and diligently works to spread the DLR message among their circles of young friends and new DLR members. To name a few, the list includes members like Nadine Mazraani, Ramzi Merhej, Jessica Moufawad, Patricia Nseir, Hassan Koussa, Elie Azzi, Myriam Hajjar, Weam Khattar, Mary Joe Alvalas, Melissa Merheby, Muhamad Assaad, Talal Zeidan, etc.

Finally, in 2010, the Interreligious Academy opened its doors to receive young students. Meanwhile,  two DLR member’s were participating in an exchange program on Religious Pluralism in the U.S.

The official launching Ceremony of the Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation Organization was held on March 18th ,2011 under the patronage of Professor Leonard Swidler co-founder of the Dialogue Institute at Temple University – Philadelphia, in collaboration with the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences – faculty of humanity at NDU.

Board 2019-2021

  • Dr. Ziad Fahed – President & Founder
    +961 3 872 476 –
  • Dr. Dayana Hayek – Vice President
    +961 3 198863 –
  • Père Aboud Gebrayel – Treasurer
    Mejdlaya – +961 3 473 075
  • Sheikh Firas Balout
    Tripoli – +961 3 473 075 –
  • Dr. Elie El Hindy
    Beirut +961 3 71 717572 –
  • Mr. Talal Zeidan  – Accountant
    70 681908 –
  • Ms. Maha Tahan
    Beirut  +961 3 128 292  –
  • Sheikh Danil Abdel Khalek
    Mount Lebanon – +961 3 798 433-
  • Mr. Ziad Moussa
    Beirut – +961 3 885512 –

Contact us